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    送服務 保質量 高品質
    Jiangsu buqiang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd  is a collection of   development,  design,  sales, installation and consulting services of specialized high-tech new companies. Since the founding of  the company we committed to the pressure flow roof rainwater drainage system (siphon drainage)  kitchen sewage and waste Same floor drainage system, rainwater collection and utilization,  sewage lifting system  ( vacuum drainage  ●  sewage lifting device  ●  Integrated oil separation equipment,  sponge City solutions and engineering services.  Help users to improve the efficiency of resource utilization, to create a green,  efficient and energy-saving environment.
     As a modern new enterprise,  we gathered a group of  elite in the drainage industry,  they have extensive experience in operation management,  marketing and drainage technology, and also made fruitful contribution in their respective positions, they have a common idea, for a common goal they come together and to make every effort to promote the development of Bu Qiang.
     公司憑借高品質的產品、高水準的技術和全方位的優質服務。并全面貫徹實施已通過的 GB/T19001-2008 idt ISO9001:2008  質量管理體系認證。為了更好的為大家服務,公司分別在:武漢、南京、青島、杭州、天津、福建、上海、設有聯絡處。業務遍布全國,對各地雨水環境,建筑格局都有系統的數據統計。擁有豐富的工程技術經驗。工程中能實現更加美觀合理的布局規劃,同時能發揮產品的功效。
    Companies with high quality products,  high level of technology and a full range of  quality services.  And fully implement the  IDT ISO9001:2008 GB/T19001-2008  quality management system certification.  In order to provide best serve to custom,  companies has liaison office in  Wuhan,  Nanjing,  Qingdao, Hanzhou,  Tianjin, Fujian, Shanghai,  and so on. We have system data statistics on rain around the environment and the architectural pattern,  and our business all over the country.  We have a wealth of  engineering experience.  The project can achieve a  more beautiful and reasonable layout planning,  while ensuring  the maximum extent of  the product's effectiveness.
    Buqiang  people adhering to the " respect,  dedication,  innovation,  high efficiency " spirit of enterprise,  and we committed to the introduction of  high-quality products and constantly developing innovative technology, service in the vast number of old and new customers for good reputation, create a corporate culture is Buqiang continuously growing foundation.
    We would like to thank all our friends who concern and support for the development Buqiang, and also we cherish every cooperation with you, to serve you and meet your needs is the eternal pursuit of Bu Qiang

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